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People sell and buy vegetables at open air market in Vietnam

Agribusinesses, Food Industries & Traders

Address sustainable sourcing with full traceability, and effectively manage multi-crop, multi-region procurement


How the Farmsio solution works

Farmsio improves supply chain flows for food companies with visibility of farm and crop performance, and region-specific crop mapping. Control and optimise costs. Streamline supply chains with inventory monitoring and warehouse linkages.

Farmsio provides input sellers with visibility into farm and crop performance to improve supply chain flows. Manage and market your inputs to avoid losses. Make smarter decisions with flexible digital tools to evaluate risk in real-time.

Provides region-specific information on crop harvest times in advance to manage your sourcing needs. In-built bag-level traceability. Cost optimisation – supported by remote sensing technology.


Enables pre-season planning of input requirements in response to the relevant climate change effects. Includes support for upstream traceability and management of field staff.

Farm Management, Traceability, and Monitoring Solutions

  • Keep accurate digital records pre- to post-harvest

  • Certification tracking

  • Quality control assurance

  • Access markets

  • Reduce costs

  • Digitised supply chain transparency

  • Internal and external traceability solutions

  • Improve brand personality

  • Farm to fork traceability solutions

  • Bag level traceability

Carbon Analysis Module

  • Access to carbon market

  • Soil content analysis

  • Promote sustainable initiatives

Agri Advisory Platform

  • Climate vulnerability alerts and reports

  • Weather and satellite-based advisory tool

  • Farmer query module

  • Pest and disease alerts

  • Crop calendar and package of practises

  • Access to market price, schemes and related info

  • Farmer-specific mobile app

Value Chain


  • Farmer/farm digitisation

  • Georeferencing and farm polygon mapping

  • Monitor crop production and performance

  • Forecast weather patterns

  • Satellite-based climate-centric decision tools

  • Manage harvest data

  • Assess crop damage

  • Output predictions

  • Supply chain solutions

Climate and Sustainable Monitoring Solutions

  • Climate-tech platform

  • Access improved finance terms

  • Get sustainability scoring

  • Measure impact parameters

Marketplace Module

  • Input selling

  • Equipment sales

  • Direct supply

  • Cost reductions

  • Supplier and inventory management

  • Accounting and billing system

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