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Farmer at Work

Development Agencies & Policymakers

Measure the impact of large scale projects on smallholder farmers with insights into sustainability and climate change


How the Farmsio solution works

Crop agnostic and highly scalable solution for large engagements based on sustainability and climate change parameters and other monitoring indices. AI/ML and remote sensing allow for customisation and improved decision making.


Farm Management, Traceability, and Monitoring Solutions

  • Centralised decision tools for impact

  • Need-based reporting and dashboards

  • Score-card based monitoring

  • Transparency and visualisation of value chain


Climate and Sustainable Monitoring Solutions

  • Satellite-based decision tools

  • Web-based impact assessment tools

  • Cross-regional and multi-crop management

  • Value chain monitoring

  • Farmer/farm digitisation

  • Georeferencing and farm polygon mapping

  • Monitor crop production and performance

  • Forecast weather patterns

  • Satellite-based climate-centric decision tools

  • Manage harvest data

  • Assess crop damage

  • Output predictions

  • Supply chain solutions

Value Chain

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