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Agri data digitisation for farm management

Updated: Oct 20, 2023 offers a holistic digital solution for managing all aspects of farm management. As farmers are onboarded all farm data are collected and digitised to create a unique ecosystem for the farmer organisation to manage and communicate with all stakeholders efficiently. 

The platform features a marketplace solution giving easy access to purchase inputs, such as seeds and fertilizers, as well as to sell post-harvest produce in a modern and tailored digital market. Customers will benefit from the removal of spurious inputs and access to high quality but low-cost inputs. A digital marketplace will also allow customers to realize best prices with access to a larger market audience and the opportunity to aggregator support such as farmer organisations. All users will be able to cut down on admin costs and streamline all related operations efficiently. The full procurement process, managing stock and invoicing are fully integrated in the platform.

We work closely with all our customers, listening to their requests and future plans so new features can be accommodated and training can be organised in a timely manner. A recent feature request involved our Inventory and Stock

Management module. Our client was keen to incorporate a solution to the change in weight of their inventory whilst kept in storage. This change is due to both the moisture loss and produce that is spoilt during storage. A solution was provided to align the digital inventory accordingly with the changes in the physical inventory.

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