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Importance of Crop Insurance – Life Cycle

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Importance of Crop Insurance Life Cycle by Farmsio. Agriculture is a Food and livelihood economy based sector, that involves almost 65% of the global population (refer to article). Natural Uncertain conditions like weather, poor or erratic rainfall, humidity, drought, flood, fire, pest attack, plant-related diseases etc are the common problems faced by farm producers across the world. Precision farming practices help the farmers to improve their stability.

Weather is the main problem for farmers that impact the crop yield. In order to mitigate the risk of crop loss management and property damage from the disaster, Farmsio’s Crop Insurance Policy is the best protection system for farm producers.

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This blog helps the new age farmers understand the essence of Crop Insurance from the below Crop Insurance life Cycle infographics representation

What is Crop Insurance?

Crop insurance is a type of policy that covers the individual farmer or the farmer group from plantation till taking the harvest the market, cover both pre-harvest and post-harvest Crop Management.

Crop Insurance System is one of the most important factors that every farm producer should consider. It provides stability for the farm producer during the natural calamities like flooding, drought, poor market price, pest attack and much more. Farmsio crop insurance tool help farmers protect against devasting loss and manage risk for the crop yield and revenue.

Importance of Crop Insurance – Life Cycle

Farmsio – Crop Insurance Covers:

There are multiple stages where the crop loss can occur; Farmsio – Crop Risk Management Tool protects you at every individual stage of cultivation.

Localised CalamitiesThis stage covers geographic-based localised calamities and risks such as landslide, hailstorm etc.

Risk of Sowing/Planting/Germination It covers problems in sowing, planting, germination due to heavy rainfall or unfavourable seasonal conditions.

Loss of Standing Crop This insurance covers yield losses due to non-preventable risks, such as dry spells, flood, hailstorm, cyclone, typhoon.

Post-Harvest Loss This stage covers all the post-harvest losses for up to a maximum period based on the crop type and insurance cover policy.


Crop insurance covers are highly beneficial to farmers and play an important part in Sustainable Agriculture sector. Farmsio’s Crop Insurance ensures financial stability during crop loss or damage. With Crop Insurance farmers get the peace of mind and courage to invest in the next season. Crop insurance will let the farmers adopt and incorporate the advancement in AgroTech methodologies and precision farming practices.

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