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Importance of Farmsio Marketplace Module

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Farmsio’s Farm Management Software – Marketplace Module acts as a platform enabling Farmer groups, Farm Producing Organisation FPO’s and allied agricultural business investors to purchase the farm inputs like Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Machinery, etc and sell their farm output effortlessly to the consumer and get benefit by reducing the farm-level food waste.

This AgriTech Digital Market Linkage module is designed to connect the producer (farmer) to the end consumer and stakeholders for hassle-free, profitable and sustainable agribusiness transactions.

The Role of Farmsio’s Farm Management Software – Market Place Module:

1. Farmsio marketplace facilitates both purchasing of inputs and also offering produce to sale to various buyers. 2. Its supports the aggregator modules. 3. Facilities market linkage and buyers discovery. 4. Promotes livelihood of farmers. 5. Marketplace modules have inbuilt inventory, dispatch and monitoring stock.

Farmsio Market Place Module Helps in ;

1. Market Facilitation

Farmsio marketplace facilitates both purchasing of inputs, process it and offer the end products to sell to various buyers.

2. Farmer Aggregator Module:

Farmsio Farm management Software supports the Farmer Aggregator Model. Farm aggregator connects the small farm holders with all the stakeholders in the Contract Farming.

3. Market Linkage & Buyer Discovery:

FMS – Market Place Module facilities market linkage and buyers discovery.

4. Boost Farm Income:

Promotes livelihood of farmers by improving physical access to market, increase information access, train the marginal farmers with knowledge, skill and information regarding the quality, ability to understand the market change for gain better strategic outcomes.

5. Marketplace Module with Inventory, Dispatch and Monitoring:

Marketplace modules have inbuilt inventory, dispatch and monitoring stock

How does Farmsio’s Marketplace Module benefit the Farmers?

The marketplace module is one of the integrated features of Farmsio’s Farm management Software module.

• During covid, Farmsio marketplace module facilitates farmers to sell their products and helps in buyers discovery. • Marketplace provides provision for quality check of produce. • Marketplace Module benefited both from selling inputs to farmers and also facilitates produce sales from farmers.


In the Farmsio Farm Management Software (FMS) Marketplace Module – The transactions are held between the farmer – the producer, who is at the centre of the entire AgriBusiness system and the dealer of farm input i.e Farm Aggregator and the consumer and trader of farm output.

The invention of the IoT for Agriculture Marketplace module provides the farmers with the information of market unique requirements and plan the cultivation accordingly to sell their products with better market linkage at a better price.

Farmsio’s Farm Management Software – Marketplace Module platform is aimed at transforming Agribusiness with modern Agriculture Technology (AgriTech) Strategies to boost the overall efficiency of the Farm Output and elevate the farmers’ livelihood through Climate-Smart Agriculture.

Digital Farming will make Sustainable Agriculture Practices a new Normal!

For More Details on Digital Agricultural Transformation – Contact Farmsio or Request for a Demo

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